Advanced Chordfinder
Find basic and advanced chords
for all fretted instruments.

Perform reverse lookups.

Hear how they sound.
Piano Chord Reference
Explore chords on the keyboard or on staff.

Toggle inversions, note names.

Perform reverse lookups.

Fast Beautiful Piano
Optimized for Responsiveness.

Great Sampled Piano and 128 Midi Instruments.

Record and Share.
Find Push Ads
Scan your apps for unwanted addons.

Monitor your notification area.

See what permissions are used.
Leer elkaar kennen
Stel vragen aan elkaar.

Om en om meer kennis van de ander.

Verschillende niveaus.
Measuring Crowd Emotions
Select your location on the festival.

Indicate your own and the crowd's mood.

Earn and redeem free drinks!

Measure Activity
Plan your daily exercise

See how you did

Reflect on how it went

If you are looking for a chord reference app: this is what you need.

Fretter dynamically generates chord diagrams for every instrument and tuning. It supports slashed chords, and also does reverse lookups. Easy if you want to know the name of a chord you just discovered.

Diagrams can show intervals, note names, and can be strummed for playback.

Besides chords you can also explore scales.

Are you playing an instrument that is not in the app? You can add it as a custom instrument and/or tuning, and all the functionality is available just like built-in instruments.

Feature list:
  • Support for Guitar, 4,5-string Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Pipa and Lute
  • 50+ chordtypes
  • Tunings: 75+ predefined
  • Custom Instruments and Tunings
  • Reverse chord lookup
  • Added bassnote (C/D)
  • Scales
  • Full Inversions
  • Chord Intervals
  • Note Names
  • Hear how every diagram sounds
  • Left Handed Option

Also available in slightly different form for iOS and Windows Phone 7
This new version 2.0 has been featured on the Android Market and made it to the top selling list!!

Keychord is the dynamic dictionary / reference app for piano chords and scales. Use it to find all the scales and chords! Also included is a 5 octave multitouch piano!

KeyChord is built around a visual keyboard that you can use to interact with the selected chord- or scaletype. You can for instance tap on a key to make it the root of the chord or you can longpress a selected chordnote to invert the chord to that position. Same goes for scales. Tap a already selected rootnote for different kind of information modes like note-names or intervals.

Everything is dynamic, we don't use a database to give you a few predefined chord locations, but we know how a chord works and let you select a chord everywhere you want.

  • 50+ ChordTypes
  • 100+ ScaleTypes
  • Note Names
  • Component Intervals
  • Reverse Chord & Scale Lookup, including Partial Chords
  • Inversions / Slashed Chords
  • Staff View
  • Favorite and recent Chordtypes
  • Hear every Chord and Scale
  • Full 5 octave multitouch piano from Mini Piano Pro
  • Record songs as midi and set them as ringtone
Mini Piano
Mini Piano Pro is a great multitouch piano for Android.

It's designed to be very fast and responsive, and it allows you to choose a beautiful sampled piano or select one of the 128 different midi instruments.

You can use 5 octaves to play and zoom in and out to get the keys to the size you want them.

You can record your songs as midi files and use them as ringtone.

If your device supports it, you can use all your 5 or 10 fingers at once.

Lite version is ad supported. Pro version has no ads.

  • Fast, responsive and beautiful
  • 5 octaves
  • 128 midi sounds
  • Great Sampled piano sound
  • Record songs and set them as ringtone
  • Multitouch
  • Zoom
  • Note Labels
Addons Detector
Together with Denper, Umito presents the ultimate tool to find out which apps are using push ads to spam you on your notification bar and detect all other kinds of addons.

Downloaded more than 800.000 times, this new 2.0 version includes more tools to find notification spam, like the notification monitor. Enable this and you can easily see which program has put that notification in your notification area.

For more information, please visit our dedicated website:
In opdracht van Shapers heb ik de iPhone versie van Contact naar Android overgezet.

Het (grafisch) ontwerp van de app is door Shapers gedaan, de Android implementatie is vervolgens door Umito verzorgd.

De app bevat shake functionaliteit, zodat de gebruiker bij een bepaalde mate van schudden naar de volgende vraag gaat. Tevens bevat de app een flip animatie zodat de kaarten visueel ook omgedraaid worden.

Ook een Android ontwikkelaar nodig voor uw app? Neem contact op via de link bovenaan deze website.
Emo App
For Shapers I have developed this Android Emo App for the TU Delft Industrial Design Department. It was used on the IO Festival 2013 succesfully.

The app consists of several screens. First the user gets instructions and information about the app, then he can select where he currently is on the festival. After that, the actual emotion measurement takes place using a circular slider. The user can indicate his own mood and that of the crowd. At the same time this location is also detected using wifi and cellular tower locations.
After he submits the data, the user is shown a wait screen where the amount of earned free drinks are shown. Here he can also reclaim his free drinks. After 30 minutes the user gets a notification informing him there is a new measurement waiting.

Technically this app had some interesting challenges. The circular slider needed to be built up from the ground, because no such view exist in Android. Also it needed to handle several layers that rotate or change opacity based on the slider position. On top of that, it needed to scale all layers correctly, when a user would have a very small screen.

The other interesting part of this app was the tear-away strip that is used to redeem the earned drinks. This is also a custom view. The user can swipe from left to right and tear away a strip until he is asked if he wants to finalize his action. Besides those 2 views, several other custom views were used, and a lot of work went into making sure the app worked well on different phone sizes.
ESTHER is a app Umito developed, and Shapers designed according to the ideas of a TU Delft IO promovendus as part of his doctorate.

ESTHER was used in experiments where users were motivated to plan daily exercise like walking, and see how they did and reflect on it.

Technically there were quite some challenges, main one the stepcounter and the energy usage. Stepcounter was developed based on several public research projects and integrated some low level c++ code for increased battery usage and performance as well as making the detection algorithm more accurate using a Butterworth filter.

The circular interface was also quite complex to build, being a circular view and needing to handle lots of different user input and restricting the actions of the user based on time or existing planned activities.